One of my favorite vacations, growing up, was the time my parents, all my aunts and uncles, my cousins, and my grandparents rented a huge log cabin near Pickett State Park, in Tennessee. What was so great about it was that we were all there TOGETHER under one roof. We played games, cards, swam in the lake, hiked, and laughed into the wee hours of the night. I loved every second of it.

As an adult, with kids, I have never done anything like this with them. The closest we came was a trip to Disney World where we stayed in three different condos, in three different areas of the resort. Not good. It was so hard to try and meet up or hang out for any length of time because everybody wanted to go back to their condo. Disaster.

Even as a married adult with other couples as friends, I have never gone on vacation with any of them. I have several friends that do this and love it. They do it all the time. But, come to think of it, they have never invited me. LOL.

Oh well, after seeing this 140-acre retreat in Kentucky on Airbnb, I’m making a plan. This place has 8 bedrooms, 27 beds, and 5 1/2 baths. You can enjoy kayaking, fishing, hiking, basketball, and swimming in the pool (available May 1st-Sept 30th.) It’s so affordable too. It’s $800 plus fees a night, but when you divide that by 20 of your friends and family, it’s only $50, or so, a night, plus fees. That’s a great deal.

Ok so, it's either going to be with the kids and all of our relatives, my no good friends or just me and Quenton, but I’m going.

You won’t believe the beauty and space of this place

You And 16+ Friends Can Relax On A Gorgeous 140-Acre Kentucky Retreat

I’m relaxed just looking at the pics. Can’t wait to go check it out. Make your reservations here.

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