During 2020, I discovered many things about me that I hadn't really acknowledged before the year that forced us all to rethink everything.

The year made me realize that I had taken many of my relationships with for granted or I thought I had friends that really weren't my friends at all. I also came to the realization that I  needed to recognize, not ignore, that fact that I physically feel bad most of the time and do something about it. Another thing that I found out, is that I kinda like to cook.

On air, I have always touted myself as a non-cooker. To me, it seemed like I was destined to wear this title. My mom and grandmothers weren't very good cooks. They cooked, but there was nothing special. Let's just say that there were a lot of meat and potatoes in our daily meals.

As I have started to try new recipes one the holidays, I never thought of using a Christmas tree to make ice cream, pickles, a fish dinner or soup, but baker and cook, Julia Geogallis, of the UK, thought her tree looked yummy.

Julia has written a cookbook on How To Eat Your Christmas Tree. I love the thought of it, I'm just not sure how the many recipes would actually taste. Here is an example of one of the dozens of recipes.

Julia Geogallis (Author)/Amazon.com
Julia Geogallis (Author)/Amazon.com

The cookbook costs $14.99 and you can order it here.

[Smithsonian Magazine]

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