Fans at an XFL game over the weekend garnered a lot of attention on social media after making 75-foot long snake spanning nine rows. 'Merica!

The XFL is off to a much better start this season than the first go-around in the early 2000s. Fans are really enjoying the games on television. However, fans who are at the games are enjoying them far more. Case in point: the D.C. Defenders shut out the New York Guardians at home on Saturday. Fans in the stands celebrated by coming together to form a "beer snake".

What's a "beer snake"?. It's when you stack empty cups of beer together to see how long you can make it. Can you imagine how much beer had to be consumed to create 75 feet of beer cups?

That's how a fan base comes together! Look at that unity. I congratulate the D.C. Defenders fans on their marvelous work of art.

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