on the beach at normandy june 1944
public domain

Just a little over 75 years ago, the LST 325 was resting on the sand at Normandy just after participating in the Allied D-Day invasion of Europe. Today it remains the world's last surviving LST and rests here in Evansville where 167 of the big ships were made during WWII. The ship has been docked at Marina Point since 2005, BUT her new home is under construction and on schedule. The nearly 3000 square foot visitor's center on the river at the Tropicana Casino is going full speed and taking advantage of dry weather.  

LST dock visitor center

I snapped this picture this week and, as you can see, construction is cooking. You can see the sky bridge which connects the visitor center with the Tropicana hotel. Access will also be available from the greenway. The center will be about 3000 square feet and will contain a gift shop, meeting room, public rest rooms and will have handicapped access to the LST. There will be one fantastic added feature: outside public water fountains for humans AND water access for our dogs. The target date for opening to the public is April 2020. Then the LST 325 will move from Marina Point to its new home a couple miles east.

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