A woman vented on Reddit that her boyfriend purposely ordered food that she is allergic to.

"I (20f) have been dating this guy (28m) for about 7 months. I'm not a picky eater at all, but I am allergic to shellfish. He knows that," she wrote.

The woman continued, "When deciding what to eat I told him he could pick, and he ordered shrimp scampi for two. I was annoyed because I can't eat that, and he got defensive because I told him it was his choice and that's what he chose."

"I didn't think I had to specify 'You can pick something for us, but we both have to be able to eat it,'" she recalled.

She thought it "was implied" that he would not order food that she can't eat.

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"But he thinks 'whatever' means 'whatever' and that it's my fault," the confused woman concluded her post.

In the comments, Reddit users rallied behind the woman, with many slamming her boyfriend for his actions.

"If I was making a dinner choice and was given the option for whatever a) I wouldn’t even order anything remotely physically near shellfish knowing it could seriously hurt you, b) consider what you like eating. I’m a little perplexed with his choices. I could get maybe he forgot you hated pickles or ketchup and didn’t have those omitted but something that can make you sick or possibly kill you? I don’t know how someone forgets that at all," one person wrote.

"I know what foods my friends like and wouldn't (intentionally) make or order something they don't," another user chimed in.

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"Which means either you are dating an absolute moron, or more likely, he did it on purpose. The fact that he will not apologize and shows no remorse for ordering something that would certainly endanger your health and leave you with nothing to eat is why I think it was the latter. Yes some people do try to cause harm to their partners. Maybe he was mad at you for some slight. Maybe he just gets his kicks this way and is starting to show it," a third person commented.

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