A man on Reddit is sharing the reason as to why he rescinded a job offer for his brother-in-law.

In his post, the man says that he works in the engineering field and that he has made several contacts with people in the business.

"My BIL (23m) was let go from his last job,that my FIL got him, because of some conflicts with a manager that, while he could have handled the situation better, was not entirely his fault. He is not college educated nor does he have any official trade experience. He has struggled to find a job since, not because nowhere is hiring but because he doesn’t want to work in something he’s not interested in," the man shared

That's when the man decided to help his brother-in-law and told him that he could find an entry level position for him.

"I even offered to train him personally. I reached out to one of my contacts and confirmed that I could get him a job, I just needed his resume and a week or so worth of time to train him on the programs we use. I bugged him about it for a few days. He expressed interest briefly and then radio silence. I assumed there was no interest, and it left me feeling awkward about reaching out to my person about getting him a job," he continued.

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However, the brother-in-law went on to express interest in the job later on and wanted to talk to the man about it.

"The kicker is my BIL has been staying with us the past week and has not said a peep about it. This has left even more of a bad taste in my mouth and I’m seriously considering saying that the original offer has expired. I feel bad about it but I feel like I was more than generous and that was I kind of blown off until he realized how difficult finding a career like he wanted is," his post concludes.

People in the comments section agreed with the man and said that he was not wrong in this situation.

"NTA. If he brings it up, tell him the position was filled after he went radio silent," one person said.

"NTA. He seems lackadaisical in nature. Probably not someone you want to use your favor cards on. He’ll prob also be a liability on your professional credit. Tell him it expire. You tried but the opportunity isn’t available anymore," another person shared.

"NTA. This is the reason I don't recommend people for jobs unless I know them very well and know 100% they are responsible," someone else commented.

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