99.5 WKDQ has teamed up with Liberty Federal Credit Union to show one teacher in the Tri-State each month that the work they're putting in for their students isn't going unnoticed.

Teachers put in a lot of work to make sure their students have all of the tools they need to learn and succeed in life. We want to make sure that we honor those educators here in the Evansville area who sometimes don't get the recognition that they deserve. That's why we, along with Liberty Federal Credit Union have partnered up to have you nominate your favorite teacher in the Evansville area to be named the WKDQ Teacher of the Month.

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WKDQ Teacher of the Month- December 2022

The WKDQ Teacher of the Month for December 2022 is none other than Mrs. ShiAne Gibson at Reitz High School. Mrs. Gibson teaches 9th and 10th grade English, and she had several people nominate her for this honor. Here's what a few of those people had to say about Mrs. Gibson:

I am nominating ShiAne Gibson for teacher of the month. She works at F.J. Reitz High school. She deserves to be picked for the teacher of the month because she is a really amazing teacher and a wonderful person to be around. If you don't understand something that's going on, you go to her. If you are having a bad day, you go to her. She is definitely my favorite teacher. She makes English so fun for everyone. She does a really great job at making sure her students understand what we're doing in class. She has a great sense of humor and does a lot of fun stuff with us. I know that if I'm ever struggling at school, I could go to her for help at any time. This is why I think ShiAne Gibson should be picked for the teacher of the month. -Natalee H.

Mrs. Gibson goes above and beyond and out of her way to make sure all of her students feel seen and heard and are doing the best they can, I’ve never seen a Teacher care as much as Mrs.Gibson does. -Linzy S.

I would like to nominate ShiAne Gibson, an English teacher at Reitz High School. ShiAne has a true passion for teaching and loves her students. ShiAne decided to be a teacher to be the person she needed in high school for other high school students. ShiAne not only teaches her students the fundamentals of high school English but she also works to instill in her students that they are loved and cared for and important to the world. For these reasons, ShiAne deserves to be Teacher of the Month. -Jennifer S.


To nominate your child's teacher, simply fill out the form below with your name and contact information, along with the name of your child's teacher, the school they teach at, and a brief reason for what makes them special and why they deserve the recognition. At the end of each month, we'll select one entry as our Teacher of the Month and hook them up with a bouquet of flowers from Zeidler's, along with a $50 gift card to the Copper House restaurant on Franklin Street personally delivered by myself, Leslie Morgan, and Travis Sams as a small token of your appreciation.

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