99.5 WKDQ has teamed up with Liberty Federal Credit Union to show one teacher in the Tri-State each month that the work they're putting in for their students isn't going unnoticed.

Teachers put in a lot of work to make sure their students have all of the tools they need to learn and succeed in life. We want to make sure that we honor those educators here in the Evansville area who sometimes don't get the recognition that they deserve. That's why we, along with Liberty Federal Credit Union have partnered up to have you nominate your favorite teacher in the Evansville area to be named the WKDQ Teacher of the Month.

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Teacher asking her students a question

WKDQ Teacher of the Month for May 2024

The May 2024 WKDQ Teacher of the Month is English Teacher, Becki Recker at Castle High School in Newburgh. Mrs. Reckerr received some very heartwarming nominations from folks she knows, as well as parents of students who really showed that she was beyond deserving of being named the WKDQ Teacher of the Month. Here's one that puts it all into perspective.

Becki Recker, Castle High School, Newburgh. She is the greatest women I have ever met, she never fails to put a smile on everyone's faces when she teaches. Last year she was out for almost the entire year fighting for her life on her cancer journey. Many of the class of 2023 missed her dearly and were really glad to hear she is back to teaching this year. She is back to teaching now and she absolutely loves her job, and is loved by all her students! She appreciates each student she teaches and supports each of their talents. Students always give her gifts and she accepts them with open arms and love. I can not express how much of a difference she makes to everyone who crosses her path in life. I would love to see her get the recognition she deserves! Thank you! -Samantha Lawrence

This was the final Teacher of the Month for the 2023-2024 school year. There are still plenty of teachers here in the Evansville area who should be honored, so perhaps we'll continue doing the Teacher of the Month for the next school year!

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