This week, we are giving you the chance to see the cops battle the fire fighters at Guns & Hoses 11!

Courtesy, Mark Decamps Photography


That's right! We want YOU to be a part of this awesome event that benefits 911 Gives Hope. If you win, you will receive a pair of tickets to Guns & Hoses 11 on Saturday, April 7th at the Ford Center. Not only that, but you will win a Free Fresh Lunch from Penn Station, and you will get to hear your favorite songs back to back at noon!

Winning is super easy, you can win a pair of tickets AND hear your favorite songs with the Lunch Hour Take Over all this week!  Simply fill out your playlist below, an if you are chosen to take over at any time this week, you will be going to see the show on us!

Lunch Hour Take Over

Tell Travis what song you want to hear (and give him a few different options just to be safe).
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