After many years in the tri-state, Sears has closed down. Sears has a rich history in Evansville, and Willard Library recently shared some photos of that history, and it's so cool! They don't even look like Evansville! 

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This photo ^ may be what you think of when you picture Sears, but it turns out Sears has gone through many makeovers!

Sears recently closed down, after many years in Evansville. It's crazy to think how the times have changed, and see department store giants such as Sears & Toys R Us shutting their doors. Sears has been in Evansville for many years, starting out Downtown. Check out these photos that Willard Library shared from Sears over the years, it's crazy some of them don't even look like Evansville!

Check out the one with the people all crowded outside the dowtown Sears waiting in line to get in, it looks like a big city! And the one with all the appliances! It's amazing how different things look now!

A big thank you to Willard Library for sharing these photos! Such a cool piece of Evansville history to look back on!

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