Sunday alcohol sales across the state of Indiana has been the subject of much controversy, mostly because liquor store owners want nothing to do with Sunday sales, and even more interesting than that, they do not want your local grocery store to be able to sell it either.

Unfortunately, while the majority of Hoosier boozehounds would like to blame churches and religious interests for preventing them from buying a cold case of beer on a Sunday afternoon, the reality is, the companies and lobbyists who mandate the sale and distribution of alcohol are the ones keeping the dream of Sunday booze from becoming a reality.

In fact, in the most recent legislative session, Representative Bill Davis, chairman of the House Public Policy Committee, would not allow a vote on a bill that would have ultimately served to allow Sunday alcohol sales in places like grocery stores and convenience stores.

Davis has reportedly received over 80 campaign contributions from that part of the alcohol industry who is fighting tooth and nail to keep Sunday sales from being passed. The fear is that by allowing customers to purchase cold beer in the grocery isle on Sunday, it would drive the local package stores out of business.

“Allowing Sunday sales would be a slow death,” said Raymond Cox, owner of Elite Beverages. “Allowing cold beer would put us out of business overnight.”

However, the mighty forces that dictate our sober Sundays are being challenged by other  powerful forces that would like nothing more than to sell us cold beer on Sundays – the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association.

And while there doesn’t appear to be any clear end in site regarding this matter, one thing is certain, the fight to control Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana will continue to wage on until the days of the prohibition Sabbath are finally laid to rest.

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