You drive past wind farms all across the Land of Lincoln, you might be sailing past them in your boat in Illinois soon as well, here are the details on the wind farms expanding to the waterways in Illinois...

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According to the Illinois Answers Project, there is a real possibility Illinois will become the first state to put wind turbines on the water in Lake Michigan. In an article they posted earlier this year, they say...

"Offshore wind farms are believed to be more effective at generating energy than onshore wind because there aren’t any restrictions such as buildings or hills to disrupt the wind flow. Larger turbines can also be built offshore than onshore to take advantage of that unobstructed wind. ...there would be about 30 to 35 devices several miles out in Lake Michigan generating about 150 megawatts of wind power. While the bill doesn’t specify where along the lake the offshore windfarm will be"

To learn more about Illinois looking to pass legislation that would allow the state to build a wind farm on Lake Michigan near Chicago, click here!

We should be prepared for more Wind Farms in Illinois

If you don't remember, Illinois has legislation passed saying the state must be off of fossil fuel energy by 2050. That legislation passing means we as citizens of Illinois shouldn't be shocked by news like this at all, the state has to do whatever it can with solar and wind energy to make sure the state achieves its goal. I would guess that if this is successful you'll soon see wind turbines turning up in lakes across Illinois sooner rather than later.

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