Things are done differently in St. Louis, Missouri compared to the rest of the state and that's especially true about driving. Wild video proves this point as a St. Louis driver was just spotted doing donuts through an intersection.

This special St. Louis driving moment was just dropped with a one sentence description:

Driving like you stole it in Saint Louis Missouri.

No doubt. Someone has been watching way too many The Fast and the Furious movies.

It's so very St. Louis that this person or persons whipped through a handful of donuts in the middle of an intersection and then motored off like nothing happened. St. Louis, I shake my head.

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Whoever this is must have a lot of (unfounded) faith in other St. Louis drivers as I've seen more than my fair share fly through intersection no matter what color the light was. This is like putting a big "kick me" sign on your back (or fender in this case).

Far be it from me to criticize though as no one was injured and nothing was damaged...other than some tread on those tires.

Where was Vin Diesel when this happened?

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