Drums On The Ohio has become a summer time staple for music fans from all over the Tri-State. Each year, some of the country's premiere drum & bugle corps come to the Reitz Bowl to perform for thousands of fans. Not only is it a super entertaining evening, but it's also a tremendous fundraiser for EVSC music programs.

Drums on the Ohio 2022
Drums on the Ohio via Facebook

After being canceled the last few years, Drums on the Ohio triumphantly returned to the Reitz Bowl in July 2022. Hundreds of fans came out to support all of the amazingly talented performers in the various drum and bugles corps. Unfortunately, those fans will NOT have the opportunity to see Drums on the Ohio in 2023. The disappointing announcement was made recently on the Drums on the Ohio Facebook page, saying:

Today I regret to inform you that Drums on the Ohio is not being included on the 2023 Drum Core International tour schedule. Due to the summer tour being cut by 20%, our show has not been included for the 2023 season. We have been assured that this is not due to any reason other than the tour schedule being thinned out this summer. Our hope is to be back with a bigger and better Drums on the Ohio along with DCI in 2024!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make Drums on the Ohio a huge success over the years, we look forward to regrouping soon to start planning for an incredible 2024 Drums on the Ohio, back in the bowl at F.J. Reitz High School!

Drums On The Ohio is a massive event that is 100% locally organized and executed. There are a lot of really passionate, dedicated people that make the event happen each year. This comes as really disappointing news for that group and for music fans all around Southern Indiana.

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