If you read any sort of social media, you would have seen a debate on whether schools in the Tri-State should be been canceled because of the snow yesterday. As a parent of a 6th grader in Tompkins Middle School, I say I am glad they did, and this is why:

That was the headline of an article I saw online in the Buffalo News. That's right...kids from my hometown of West Seneca, NY were stranded IN SCHOOL because of snow and weather Kids were forced to spend the night at school with teachers and staff because buses and other forms of transportation couldn't get to the schools.

Now it looks like the kids were having fun, at least according to this tweet from Windom Elementary;

Schools also have built-in makeup days, so why risk it? Yes, I know it can be very inconvenient for parents, but if staying home saves one bus from sliding off the road, one kid from being sick because of standing at the bus stop or keeps the kids at home instead of being stranded at school, I say cancel school!

Remember it is about the kids 1st and parents 2nd!

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