I've always been curious as to what a "Hoosier" was. I mean I know if you're from Indiana you're a "Hoosier" but what is it??  I did some investigating, and here's what I found out! 


If you're from Kentucky you're a Kentuckian, if you're from Illinois, you're an Illinoisan, if you're from Indiana you're a Hoosier?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a Hoosier, you are not alone my friend.  I too, have often wondered what is a Hoosier, and why are people from Indiana called that. So I did some research and here's what I learned.

In short, no one really knows what a Hoosier is or why we're called that. Other than the fact a Hoosier is defined as "a native of Indiana."  I checked out the Indiana Historical Society, and this is what they had to say:

No one seems to know how the word “Hoosier” came to be. Some people think it was meant to mock Indiana as a rough, backwoods and backwards place. Others think that early settlers used the term with pride to describe themselves as a hearty, courageous group. One historian, Jacob Piatt Dunn, even suggested that the word “Hoosier” originally referred to boatmen who lived on the Indiana shore. We may never know for sure, but research and debate are likely to continue about this mysterious word (source).

So what do you think?   You can read more theories on where the word "Hoosier" may have originated from, here!

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