Well, these two faces will make a lot of our female fans happy. I know Leslie Morgan and the wives of myself and Jon Prell will love them. These are the brothers, Wahlberg. Mark and Donnie made their mark on the world of pop culture as pop stars. Donnie was and still is a member of New Kids on the Block, while Mark was better known as "Marky Mark" who was closely followed by his "Funky Bunch." Since the early 90's these guys have transitioned into very accomplished actors. Now, however, they have yet another new venture in the works. That's right Donnie and Mark Wahlberg are set to open their own restaurant called, what else..."Wahlburgers." The joint will be in their native Boston, but it wasn't easy to secure that name. Word has it that the brother had to pay a hefty sum of cash to procure the trademarked name from a New York chain. Whatever the details, the deal is done and their other brother Paul will be the chef at the soon to open restaurant. I don't know how the "Wahlburgers" will taste, but I'm sure my wife would want to wash it down with a six-pack...as in Donnie's...as in his washboard abs...she likes that dude...too much.

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