This past week both Dave and his wife Elizabeth were both under the weather! So do you think handled it better?

Instance #1 - Both were hungry and wanted soup. Dave whined until his wife went to the store and got soup. Elizabeth went to the store, got soup, made soup, and served the soup! Winner - Female

Instance #2  - Both of them had a chill, Dave whined until his wife cranked up the heat, got him a blanket and tucked him in on the couch. Elizabeth got blankets, turned on the heat, and even made hot tea for both of them! Winner -Female

Instance #3 - Their son Avry had to go to soccer practice, Dave whined and said he wasn't feeling good and didn't want to leave the couch. Elizabeth got up, dressed, got Avry dressed and took him to practice. Then when they got home, she made dinner, got Avry cleaned up and ready for bed while helping with homework! Winner - Female!

In our VERY unscientific poll, it looks like females handle being sick better! What do you think?


Who handles being sick better?


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