One of these ladies was the youngest person to have a number one on the country chart. Care to make a guess? Except for Taylor Swift  there is not a lot of age difference but someone has to be first so take a look at these current photos of the candidates. There is a lot of beauty represented here and besides that each has had at least one number one solo country hit.

TANYA TUCKER   - She's the old timer of this group. She's eligible for social security this year. Tanya was born Oct 10, 1958. 

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MARIE OSMOND - Her birthday is  October 13, 1959. Marie was never a member of the Osmonds  singing group but she had a couple of country hits on her own.

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LEANN RIMES-  She was born August 28, 1982 but was just a pup when she had her first number one.

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TAYLOR SWIFT - She's the real baby of this group. She was born on December 13, 1989. She's not even as old as Tanya Tucker's daughter Presley. Taylor was very young when her first number one came along.

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SO-who was the youngest when she hit the top of the country charts for that first time? She is........(drumroll)....

Yes-Marie Osmond  was only 14 Years and 28 days old in 1973 when she hit the country charts big. Here she is performing that #1 tune "Paper Roses" in '73. Was she ever really that young?

Right behind Marie is Tanya Tucker who was only 14 years and 7 months old when she had her first number one "What's Your Mama's Name" also in 1973

In third place was Leann Rimes who was a mature 15 when she had "One Way Ticket (because I can)" and Taylor Swift was an old timer when she hit the country pinnacle at age 17 with "Our Song". Taylor does own a place in the record book. She was the youngest country performer to both write and sing a number one at age 17 in 2007 with "Our Song"..

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