Sometimes when someone is a good singer, people ask them if they'd like to be an actor.  That doesn't always spell box office gold.  Even less often, does success in music come following success in sports.  I don't know why anyone would even assume a star quarterback could carry a tune, but it has happened, much to the chagrin of my ears, more times than I'd like to admit.Enjoy these examples of Super Bowl heroes that turned into music zeros with their vocal performances.

1. Deion Sanders is not 'Money'

'Prime Time' Deion Sanders was already multi-talented playing baseball and football.  He won the Super Bowl with both Dallas and San Francisco, but when he broke into R&B music with "Must Be The Money," let's just say the Grammy Awards weren't anxious to name Sanders the MVP.

2. All The Mannings belt it out

Peyton and Eli Manning are now Super Bowl veterans with the rings to prove it.  Eli may get another ring come Sunday, and with Peyton cleared to play again, he may claim more rings before he's completely done.  All that being said, if the Manning boys should decide to get into music full time, their careers might turn out more like their father Archie's football career: losing season after losing season.   Watch as Archie joins his boys for this karaoke rendition of David Allan Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name."

3. Troy Aikman 'sings' with Waylon

Not sure what the great Waylon Jennings was thinking having Cowboys' Super Bowl winning QB sing with him.  I'm sure it had more to do with Dallas pride, then melodic structure and harmonies.  Either way, Aikman has moved on to the broadcast booth.  Let's just say his duets with Joe Buck are far better than this tribute to Cowboys' football.

4. Bradshaw 'Steels' Country Music

There is no doubt that 4-time Super Bowl champion, Terry Bradshaw has charisma.  I have no problem with him hosting pre-game shows and telling jokes.  I don't even have a huge problem with Bradshaw being in movies, as long as he doesn't do any more scenes with a bare backside.  He's a funny guy, but singing country music just didn't work out and I'm thankful for that.

5. Why Ditka can't coach baseball

Mike Ditka lead the powerful 1985 Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl title, but he couldn't lead his voice to the correct key if he tried for years.  While Ditka is seen as somewhat of a god in Chicago, even Cubs fans had to cover their ears in terror as Mike took them out to the old ball game.

So here's a tip, to all the players in this year's big game, "Stick to football and NEVER try and sing!"  This of course doesn't apply to Ditka's championship team though.  These guys can sing this one as long as they want, because this is pure magic.  I give you the Super Bowl Shuffle!