So a few weeks ago I let you know about a show that was airing on TLC called 1,000lb Sisters. You can see that article here. I have watched that show to just see the crazy, their journey, and now I can honestly say why I've been watching it. This picture is the reason why.......

No, it's not for the wedding. Its an outside wedding, not my style. It's the officiant.  Wanna see him again?


Meet my oldest brother, Joe! Joe is 14 years older than me, and let face it, he adulted 50 times better than I have.  He was approached on being the officiant when the original person asked was unable to do so. Joe didn't say much about what happened during the taping, but Joe's facial expressions said so much more!

The episode Joe is in airs this Wednesday on TLC. Check it out! To see their offical TLC Page click here. It's something different! Also gonna throw out that not everyone from Webster County are like this. Some do have common sense.

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