Some channels are known for some really outrageous reality shows. TLC is one of those channels. On New Year's Day, one of its newest shows aired. It was filmed here in the tri-state, in the small town of Dixon, Kentucky. I'm not kidding when I say it's a small town. It does have its own exit signs, but that's about it!

So, what's the show? Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Slaton Sisters.

These young ladies, like everyone in the world, are battling with weight and health issues. I liked that they acknowledge that their weight issues didn't happen overnight, so a change wont happen that easy. Despite these issues, they are really funny to watch. They both know their flaws, and to me, they own it. Before this happened, they had a successful YouTube channel.

Since I went to high school in Dixon, and they have been using towns around, it's nice to see different camera shots. Their first show is on, and I'm curious to see more. You can catch them on TLC Wednesday Night at 9:00pm. I'm curious if I get to see anyone I know.

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