I am sure you remember a ton of slang terms that were popular throughout your life. There's "groovy," "that's major," and more recently, "wasssupp," but do you know what the most popular slang term was the year you were born?

I am sure this will take you back in time a little bit once you go through some of these terms. Good Housekeeping just put together a list of the most popular terms for every year from 1926 to 2006. That should cover most everyone's birth year that is currently reading this.

Let's take a look at what the most popular slang terms were for everyone on the WKDQ staff on the year they were born.

Dave (1977)- "brewski" 

Leslie (1966)- "kegger".....why am I not surprised that Dave and Leslie's BOTH have to do  with partying???

Travis (1989)- "trash talk"

Melissa (1990)- "kewl"

Mary (1983)- "beat box"


Now, you may be curious as to which term was the most popular the year you were born, right? Check out Good Housekeeping's post below:


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