The former home of Brucken's has sat empty on the corner of 4th Street and Ingle Avenue for a number of years since the long-time wholesale kitchen equipment and supplies business closed it doors. However, that may no longer be the case after a post from local Facebook page, Evansville 411, stated the building is officially on the market.

According to the listing on the CPIX Greater Midwest Commercial Real Estate site, the 47,224 square foot building has stood since 1891 and at one point was the home of a brewery before Brucken's took it over. Now that it's available again, I figured people would have opinions on what they would like to see take up the space. And, wouldn't you know it, I was right. Here are a few of the suggestions I received when I posted the question on my Facebook page:

Kendra Creek A venue for weddings and events would be nice. Plenty of space.

Aimee Blume Real New York style Deli.

Melissa Clark A big brewery!

  • Kendra Dawn Melissa Clark I second this! Plus a restaurant. Something we don’t have here as far as food. But yes a brewery for sureeeee!!!
  • Steven Durham E Melissa Clark yes we need more bars down town. We could have a little Nashville down town. By the way Nashville is the fastest growing city right now

Linda South Tatum Loft apartments!!!

Debi Wolfe Turn it onto housing for homeless veterans put people there to help get them jobs and affordable housing..

Beck Sisk #AptsfortheHOMELESS

Michelle Thomas Campbell Many small mom and pop businesses... kinda like the Marathon building in Nashville

Steven Henning Culinary School with adjoining restaurant where the students cook the food.

Lea Boyd New Funkys lol

John Chase Probably just more apartments

Andrew Campbell Old Spaghetti Factory!

Travis Sams An adult Discovery Zone. Serves pizza and beer. Oversized tunnels for the big kids to play lol

Jones Capone A culinary school or a radio station

Matthew Hooper Shared commissary for catering and food trucks.

Jerri Brown Long term rooms for rent(transitional housing)

Keith LaCrosse Museum of Natural History, Museum of Arts

What would you like to see? Add to the list in the comments below.

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