Remember when we couldn't seem to wait for 2019 to be over with so we could start fresh in 2020? Then 2020 looked at what 2019 did and said, "Hold my beer." To say the first six months of the year have been a dumpster fire like the the photo above feels like a huge understatement at this point. While a "picture speaks a thousand words," and can certainly capture the essence of a moment or era, music can also have that ability. It is the universal language, right? The difference being a photo taken at a moment in time only provides context and meaning to that specific moment. Music on the other hand has the ability to transcend the time period or subject it was initially written for and be applied to different moments years, or even decades, later.

Recently we asked you to take a look at what 2020 has been so far and apply a theme song to it. Some were what we expected, songs about the world going to hell in a hand basket, but there were a few of you who chose to go the more inspirational and uplifting route. Here's what you suggested.

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