We all know that social media and the devices we use for social media rule today's world. Do you think it's possible to profile someone's personality based solely on the media devices and social media sites any one person uses? Well, the folks at Buzzfeed.com believe it is and they have put together a list of what certain devices and sites say about us. According to the list, iPhone users have more sexual partners than Android users. Wait...what? The average Android user has six partners as compared to 11 for iPhone users. If you're counting, that's almost double. I don't have either so, what does that say about me? Oh, I know...pathetic!

This one is really awesome - LinkedIn users are twice as likely to watch soap operas as compared to the national average. I don't know why that would be true unless you spend the majority of your day at home looking for work, or unless you are a morning DJ and are usually home in time to watch soap operas.

Are you a big texter? Well, if you send more than 100 text messages per day apparently, you are not a very good person. One study says if you text more than 100 times per day, you are less inclined to have strong feelings about living a, "ethical, principled life." I send about two per day - again, that must mean I'm a loser.

How about your Facebook photo? According to Buzzfeed.com, people can predict if you think of yourself as an extrovert based on your Facebook photo alone and with 70% accuracy. I don't have a photo...oh geez, I really need to get some help.

Just a few fun facts as you kick off the weekend with your smartphone...keep it real brothers and sisters!