Its no secret that I don't have the best sleeping habits. A lot of nights, I don't get a full nights rest. I wake up, look at my phone, and I also ponder some of life's mysteries. Well, their mysteries to me.

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"Why did Xavier Roberts put his signature on the butt of the Cabbage Patch Dolls?"

Yes those famous dolls in the 80's give me weird questions. I know the creator wanted to mark his creation on the doll, but why the butt? While searching for an answer to this, I also found that people have gotten tattoos of the creators signature on them just like their dolls. Odd? I can't say much, I do have a "Peep" on my arm.

Mary Blue

"If I didn't love pugs, what kind of dog would I be crazy over? Would I be a cat person?"

No joke, I actually have thought this. I love my pugs. I see pug stuff, most of the time It comes home with me. Id probably be in love with every dog i see. Which is kind of like I am now, so not much of difference.

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Lastly, "If Lynn would've let me play with his Legos, would I have the weird collection of Lego people?"

My Brother had a boatload of Legos when we were kids. Could I play with them? Nope. I only knew how to build houses, they were easy. So one time when I was told I couldn't play with them, I stuck it up my nose. Ha, ha, showed you. Nope. I had to go to the doctor and have them remove it. I was such a smooth child. So now I get the little Lego people packets and collect the different ones.