Over the weekend, we went camping in Harmonie State Park, near New Harmony, IN. It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful parks in the state. We love it there so much. I would highly recommend spending time there for anybody; camper (RV or tent), mountain biker, hiker, nature lover, even explorer.

This weekend, New Harmony held its annual arts and crafts show. The campground was full and on Saturday, the parking lot in front of the pool was packed with people. So, of course, we decided to go exploring in the park. One go the places we had never been to was the Indiana side of the Wabash River.

No matter where you go in the park, nature, and beauty surround you. Most of the time you feel like you’re totally alone in the park. We drove to a cleared, overlook area on their Wabash River. I grew up near the river, in Vigo County, in West Terre Haute. IN. The river runs right through the center of the county. I feel like a know the river pretty well. I have probably crossed over it thousands of times going from West T. to Terre Haute., IN.

The Wabash River, going through Vigo County is kinda pretty, but not very wide. It is also very smelly. Let’s just say, there are times when you don’t or can't go to Fairbanks Park because of the smell. It's not as bad as it used to be but still reeks at times.

So imagine how surprised and amazed I was to see the way the Wabash River looks right before it flows into the Ohio River. It's gorgeous. There was no smell and it's super wide. It looks like a completely different river. It's absolutely beautiful.

As my husband and I were looking out over the Southern IN. beauty, we noticed that the river seemed pretty low. There was a huge sandbar coming off of the Illinois side of the river. It was so big that in some places, it came out almost to the middle of the river from the bank. I could see several tents set up on the sandbar and one thing that I couldn't quite make out. It was something that looked so strange I had to get a closer look. Was it what I thought it was?

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