Leslie Morgan posted a blog about a service where someone will pose as your boyfriend/girlfriend on facebook for $5. That got me thinking... What would I do for $5?

I put together a list of thing I would do for $5 and no it's not buy a gallon of gas  (well, not yet anyways).

  • Sit next to you at a bar

  • Talk to you in Lowe's for 10 minutes

  • Two minute back massage (shirt on)

  • Send you five nice text message to make your boyfriend jealous

  • Let you buy me fast food

  • Give you a shout out on-air (I think this is illegal so scratch that one)

  • Talk dirty to you (this means we’d talk about farming…)

  • You can use me as a reference on a job application

  • A spritz of cologne – again to make your boyfriend jealous

  • Be nice to you

  • Take a picture of myself holding a sign with your name on it

  • Dance to a rap video

  • Be your friend on FB

  • Comment on your photos

  • Call into work for you

  • Break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend for you (If I make them too jealous)

  • I will tell you if your outfit is ugly


What would you do for $5?

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