This would probably have been a good basketball year for both The University of Kentucky and Indiana University if March Madness not been cancelled because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Indiana had just won the opening game of the Big 10 tournament when the plug was pulled. More importantly it was their 20th win of the season and most predictions placed the Hoosiers as a 10 seed in the NCAA tournament field. Kentucky would most likely been at least a three or possibly a two seed in the final field of 64.

But we can predict all we want and run computer simulations until we are blue (or red) in the face and it won't matter. There will be no championship trophy awarded this year. Just a little *.

Are the IU and UK coaches disappointed? probably, but officially they both said the proper things. Let's take a look....

Tennessee v Kentucky
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Today’s news has stunned all of us. It’s just now sinking in for me. As disappointed as we all are, this was the right decision for the health of our nation.

“I’m saddened for everyone. My heart is broken for our guys, but I’m equally as disappointed for the thousands of student-athletes across the country in all sports and at all levels who won’t have a chance to experience that shining moment that they’ve worked so hard for.

“It’s a tough situation. It was hard to tell my guys they won’t have a shot at what they’ve been working for all year – as I’m sure it was for so many other coaches across the country. But there are bigger things at stake here and I understand the decision. It’s no one’s fault.

Purdue v Indiana
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The health and safety of our students and the public must always be our top priority. The guidance provided by experts on a situation like this should never be ignored for any reason regardless of our individual interests. Our focus and only concern is that this situation is eradicated and everyone can return to their normal day-to-day routines.

I am proud of the way our team grew up, battled, overcame adversity and put the program in a position to achieve its goals of competing on the biggest stage college basketball offers. It's a disappointing end for our seniors, De'Ron and Devonte, but they will leave Indiana University as better people and importantly, as graduates.

The future for our group offers limitless possibilities and I look for them to use this year's experiences as a springboard.

On behalf of everyone in our program, we want to thank Hoosier Nation for their passion, support and unwavering loyalty.

So it's time to regroup and get ready for this fall. After all, the 2020-2021 tournament is less than 365 days away.

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