This video is a very strange piece of footage from 1938, which seems to show a young woman talking on a cell phone or some kind of portable phone - the technology for which obviously did not exist in 1938. This footage has been around for a while and conspiracy theorists have been buzzing about; claiming its proof that time travelers do exist. A YouTube user who goes by the name Plantcheck, claims that he actually knew the woman in the film and she is not a time traveler. His comments have been removed from YouTube, but Plantcheck claims the woman is his grandmother and her name is Gertrude Jones.

Plantcheck claims that Jones worked in a Dupont factory in 1938 and they began testing a wireless communication system. Jones and several other women were apparently given the devices to try out for a time and according to Plantcheck, Jones is talking with one of the scientists. Jones however, clearly looks into the camera and smiles.

An internet theory expert by the name of David Mikkelson says, the problem with videos like this one is that they are as difficult to disprove as to prove.

This is not the first video of this kind that has sparked talk of time travelers walking among us. The second half of the below video is a clip from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, which shows a woman in the background walking by the camera and appearing to be talking on a cell phone-type device. Is she even really holding anything, or does she just have her hand up to her ear? We may never know, but both of these clips are very bizarre. Are they time travelers? You judge for yourself.



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