If you have flown at all over the last few years, you are very familiar with the announcement about turning off your electronic devices to prepare for departure or landing. Actor Alec Baldwin created quite a scene a while back while on a plane when he refused to stop playing 'Words with Friends' on his smartphone. They say the devices could interfere with the planes instruments during takeoff and landing. Turns out, that is not entirely true. In fact, not true at all. This video tackles that issue and completely debunks the theory that your smartphone could crash the plane. Pilots no longer carry the big bulky flight books on board because all of their flight information is now kept on a tablet or iPad. If the pilot can have his on, why can't you?

You can actually, and without any fear of interfering with the plane's instruments. According to the video, it is merely a ploy by the FAA to get you to pay attention during the announcements. Truth be told, you should understand the exits and how they work. You should also pay attention to the emergency instructions, which might come in handy.

The other reason they ask you to turn off your device is simply to stop you from bothering your seat mates and other passengers in the area. It's really that simple and it makes sense when you think about it.

Now that you know, don't worry, but you will still have to turn it off when instructed or you could find yourself duct taped to your seat. Check out the explanation below, pretty cool.


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