According to a new study, Facebook use is at an all time high, which is really no surprise at all. On average, we are spending about 33 minutes a day on FB, which comes out to about 200 hours per year, or eight-and-a-half full days. Facebook use is broken down into three categories: browsing the news feed, messaging and posting statuses and photos. The survey also found that 49.4% of the population, or 155 million people are using smartphones and Facebook is used by 70% of them. In terms of mobile habits, Facebook is used more often than games , maps, photos and video streaming.

Some other interesting findings include that 79% of us reach for our smartphone within 15 minutes of waking up  and 62% do it immediately...whoa! Almost a quarter of those surveyed said they can't recall a time when their smartphone wasn't right next to them.

It does seem like our lives are guided by our smartphones. If you don't believe me, just look around the next time you are in a restaurant or some other public place...oh wait, you can't look around because you are most likely checking Facebook!

I just felt like sharing because after all, isn't that what all good Facebookers do? I liked this study - no, not really, I'm just poking you.

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