If you thought humans driving vehicles in St. Louis were dangerous, just wait until you see a driver who nearly got run over by a bull elk. Yes, a bull elk.

It's not quite as wild as it might sound. This person shared details about how exactly you end up in a part of the big city where bull elk are:

Ended up taking a scenic drive through a conservation after my kids fell asleep in the car. Didn't see many animals close up until I found a herd of 20 females. After the females passed the male appeared and nearly scratched my SUV.

Guessing they took a drive through Lone Elk Park maybe?

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If you've spent any time around elk, you learn that you never want to get between a bull and his ladies. They are quite the protective male and take pretty everyone and everything as a potential challenger especially during rutting season.

The funny thing about Lone Elk Park is it's anything but a lone elk there. Herds roam the park which is interesting, but perhaps a renaming would be in order? Just thinking out loud here.

Note that Lone Elk Park also has bison and you definitely don't want to be on the wrong side of bison rage in or out of a vehicle.

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