Did you celebrate National Popcorn Day yesterday? If so, you likely didn't celebrate it as joyful as some Illinois zoo animals did as shown in a new video share.

In case you missed it, January 19 every year is National Popcorn Day. I saw Yahoo News share what the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois did to celebrate. It's animals gone wild...with popcorn.

Here's what the zoo said about this celebratory popcorn event on YouTube:

The zoo says the western lowland gorillas and the lowland tapirs, Sonny and Sorghum, enjoyed eating the tasty treat, while Imelda the Polish chicken foraged through her supply of popcorn to search for mealworms instead.

You had to figure the monkeys would enjoy this the most.

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In case you're curious, it's safe for all of these animals to have popcorn. It's not like the Brookfield Zoo would endanger animals since that's not what zoos are supposed to do.

If you woke up today desiring to see animals eating popcorn, I'm happy to be able to help you put a check in that box. You are welcome.

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