Dogs are so funny. There are times when they can be so smart and almost psychic. Then there are those times when they can be so silly and confused.

Our tiny four-pound dog, Lola, knows the name of each of her toys and will bring them to you when you tell her to but can't figure out to potty on the paper.

Our other dogs seem like they are just being playful when they act as if they have never met the cat, but they genuinely have a bark-off when they see one coming around the corner. It's like they are completely surprised that there is a cat in the house, even though they have seen the cat every single day for years. It was funny the first few times they did it. Now, not so much.

Dogs Love Birthday Surprises

Have you ever had a surprise birthday party and you really weren't expecting it? You run the gamut of emotions - shocked, confused, and then (hopefully) so so happy. Bridget, a sweet dog from Illinois, was celebrating her birthday and all Bridget's mama wanted to do was give her a special birthday present. As you can see, Bridget ran the emotional roller coaster too when she realized that it was raining tennis balls from heaven!

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I loved the original dog pinata video so much that I decided to surprise my dog with her own. Bridget received a tennis ball-filled pinata during a socially-distanced gathering during her human birthday. As you can see from the video, her mind was blown by all the tennis balls and she couldn't decide which one to pick up. She can only hold one in her mouth, making the struggle all the more real. She is a rescue dog from Partners for Pets in Troy IL and had been at the shelter/in foster for about 3 years before I adopted her.

Take a look.


Let's watch another dog go crazy over so many tennis balls that they can't figure out what to do.


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