A photo has made the rounds on facebook of a mountain lion spotted on  a trail cam... is it real? I did some investigating! 


The short of it?  No.

The Facebook page reporting the Mountain Lion sighting is The Tri-State Beet, which first off is a satirical news page, while their posts are usually pretty funny, they're totally false.  However I was curious where this picture came from, and thanks to Google reverse image search I was able to find that  YES this photo is of a mountain lion, but it's from a trail cam in Tennessee, not Newburgh.

So rest assured your family and pets are safe, we don't have mountain lions in Southern Indiana. While there is a small chance that one could pass by Southern Indiana, the chances of us catching a glimpse of it are highly unlikely.   If you're curious to learn more about mountain lions, check out what the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has to say!

While there has been news of people spotting a bobcat recently around the tri-state, those are actually true! But bobcats are no stranger to Southern Indiana. They typically keep to themselves, are very shy, and seeing one is pretty rare. So as far as bobcats go you really have nothing to worry about. They aren't going to bother you.

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