Like you and me, there are days when teachers or their own kids wake up not feeling well, or they simply need to take a day off to recharge their batteries. And, like you and me, when those days happen someone else needs to cover their responsibilities. But it can't be just anyone, they need someone with the proper background who knows what they're doing in order to keep things as normal as possible for the students.

The Warrick County School Corporation is currently searching for substitute teachers to be those people when needed. According to a post on the Newburgh Elementary Facebook page, the Corporation is looking for individuals who are enthusiastic, well-rounded, and dependable, who have either a high school diploma or a reference reflecting two years as a teacher's aide or program assistant.

If you or someone you know is interested, but only have a high school diploma and not the minimum two years experience, don't worry, the Corporation still welcomes you to apply. You'll just need to complete an interview process and some training.

For more information, contact Substitute Teacher Coordinator, Judy Ellmers at 812-897-6035, or

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