The world is a crazy and strange place for everybody right now. Our normal has changed and everything seems different and scary. Kids are feeling the same way, maybe even more so. No school, no friends, no sports, no lessons, its all different and confusing. Social distancing is tough for everybody.

So, many parents and grandparents, around the country, are trying to make things a little brighter for kids. Whether it be putting Christmas lights up, putting rainbows in windows, holding special virtual parties or bear hunts, it's putting needed smiles on the faces of children.

My friend Terra has helped to organize a Warrick County Bear Hunt for tomorrow (March 29) and you can be a part of it. Here is the info from their event page. Get your Teddy Bear ready.

The idea behind the bear hunt is for many Warrick County neighbors AND Businesses to place a bear in their windows or in their front yard, depending on the weather. This is a great activity to participate in while we are still practicing social distancing!
On Sunday March 29,2020, any house OR Business that wants to participate can place a bear in their window or yard for our Warrick County friends and family to find. Just a reminder PLEASE DO not move or touch the bears so that each participating house will still have their bear at the end.
It’s a great way to spend time as a family and still maintain just the right amount of social distancing, while still having some fun!

*** I have seen others doing this & thought it would be a great idea.
You can post pictures on the event page of the bears you find...

EVEN if you do not want to take a relaxing drive and participate in the hunt... PLEASE still feel free to put a BEAR out for others to find.


Leslie Alvey Helming
Samantha Bealmear

Join the Bear Hunt on their Facebook events page.

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