I saw this on our sister station, WJLT's website and I couldn't help but get sad.  I love drive-ins, especially the Holiday Drive-In in Rockport, and if we can all work together and vote, it's possible that Honda may help us save this great summer fun destination.

Here's what our friend, Dave Westrich at WJLT had to say:

You’ve probably heard the news that all films will be made in digital formats, replacing the standard (for decades) of the 35 mm films.  We almost lost Showplace South Cinemas to this conversion, and now we’ll probably lose the Holiday Drive-In in Rockport.  Why?  It’s extremely expensive to purchase digital projectors.  They are well beyond what a drive-in can afford to purchase.  So how do we help save our area’s only drive-in?

Honda is offering financial assistance within a public competition.  Between now and September 9, you and I can vote for Holiday Drive-In to get a digital projector, which runs about $75,000.  If you want to vote for Holiday Drive-In, click here!

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