Thousands of vehicles travel along I-70 every day, heading in and out of Indianapolis - and I would imagine just about all of those travelers have no idea there is a hidden gem located just a few feet from the interstate.

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About 40 minutes outside of Indianapolis there is a unique and colorful stretch of road that is aptly known as 'Graffiti Road.' The name perfectly describes what it is - a road that is covered in graffiti, and apparently, it is open to any wannabe artist that would like to add their own masterpiece. Aside from the graffiti, the road itself is very easy to overlook. Technically, the address for Graffiti Road is County Road 575 East in Mooresville, but that section of the road is actually closer to the community of Joppa in Hendricks County, Indiana. Regardless, it's a small, plain, county road cutting through an otherwise stereotypical Indiana cornfield just off I-70 East before you reach the exit for Plainfield.

Facebook/Tara Ann Murtlow
Facebook/Tara Ann Murtlow

I have personally made the trip from Evansville to Indianapolis countless times over the years, driving right past Graffiti road - of course, I have no idea if it was actually 'Graffiti' road at the time. Maybe it wasn't Graffiti Road back then. When did people start spray painting the road, and who decided to turn the county road into a mega-mural? I don't know, but it sure is cool - and definitely worth visiting. So, whether you want to add your own masterpiece or you just want to see what everyone else painted, I think a trip to Graffiti Road should be on every Hoosier's bucket list.

Visit Indiana's 'Graffiti Road' and Add Your Own Masterpiece

Graffiti Road is just that, a road covered in graffiti. A trip to see this hidden gem, and of course, add some graffiti, should be on every Hoosier's bucket list.

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