Since its inception in the 1970s, the mission of the group responsible for promoting Evansville and the surrounding area as a tourism destination and selling the area's benefits to groups and organizations looking for somewhere to host their conventions has remained exactly that. What has changed over the years has been its name. Initially known as the Evansville Conventions & Visitors Bureau, it was rebranded as simply, Visit Evansville for the past several years until earlier this week when the group announced it was rebranding not only its name but also slightly altering its mission.

Visit Evansville Reveals New Name and Refocused Mission

The group revealed on social media and its website that it will be known as "Explore Evansville" moving forward.

The rebranding includes the logo above which is designed to represent the city's "early days as a thriving commercial town with river trade," represented by the blueish-grey lines above and below the city name, "to the manufacturing powerhouse that supported the efforts of WWII."

Additionally, the rebranding also involves refocusing the group's mission. They say while they will continue to "roll out the red carpet for our visitors" and work with the local hospitality industry, they will begin to work more closely with the local community and encourage residents to find something new the city has to offer, or revive something long forgotten the city once offered.

To learn more about the name change, how the group is funded, and examples of projects they've helped fund, visit

[Source: Explore Evansville]

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