Mary Blue

Last night was Madisonville's first Friday Night Live of the season, and they did an AMAZING Job! With the Friday also landing on Flag Day, there was a theme of honoring those who served for our country, along with a free concert featuring Joe Nichols and Tracy Lawrence. Food Trucks, activities for kids, and a beer garden added to the event. They expected a big turn out, and that is what they got!

To start off the night there was a  Veteran Hometown Hero Honoree Ceremony, which honored those who were serving, had served, or lost their lives in service. There was a special seating area for those being honored. One thing that I was able to see was 4 veterans that resided in a nursing facility, came out and were honored. They were also taken to Tracy Lawrence's meet & greet. There Tracy Lawrence's knelt to get on their level since most were in wheel chairs, talked to them, and thanked them for their service.

Mary Blue

Both Joe Nichols and Tracy Lawrence put on an amazing show. I honestly thought that both would play a few songs and be done. Nope. Joe Nichols played for about an hour, and there were some of his songs that I completely forgot that he did. "I'll wait for you" was one of those songs that I forgot that I loved!

(Mary Blue)

Tracy Lawrence didn't just play a few songs and called it a night either. Besides playing George Strait's "Troubadour",  He played some of new songs from his new album coming out in August. He also played a lot of the hits. "I see you now", "Time Marches on", and a crowd favorite, "Paint Me a Birmingham".

Over all, Great night. The City of Madisonville's employees and volunteers worked hard to put on an amazing night, and it showed. The weather even cooperated. It wasn't sultry hot, and when the sun went down there was a breeze. To see when their next Friday Night Live happens, check here.

Phyllis Blue

Cinnamon Rolls. Those lovely beauties were made for Tracy Lawrence. He requested to have baked goods as some of his food in his green room. My sister in law Kim, is in charge of getting some of the food, and asked a wonderful woman I know to make these. Ya'll these rolls kill me when she makes them. Home-made, gooey, sweet lumps of dough rolled in to this! Phyllis Blue does an amazing job with these. She's known for these things. I'm one of the 3 people that get to call her mom. Love you mom!

Mary Blue