Have you ever notice how many areas in the Tri-state have either BAD or NO cellphone/wi-fi signals? These area are commonly referred to as "deadzones". Well, the Vanderburgh County Commissioners have noticed and are planning on doing something about it!

Vanderburgh County Commissioners approved an amendment permitting for small cell facilities, which are boxes with antennas that distribute cellular signals like a router in your home, to be installed on utility polls or any other vertical asset in any zoning district without a special use permit.

The main goal of the new amendment is to not only provide wireless service to many parts of the County that don't have it or "Deadzone" areas, and improve the service of those that do, but also to make it easier for Telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT&T to lay the foundation for their upcoming 5G or "5th Generation" internet service.

The County hopes to have these new cell facilities in place by the end of the year and wants to be 5G ready by 2020!

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