While there hasn't been a positive West Nile Test in Vanderburgh county this year, 24 counties in Indiana so far have had positive samples, so to take preventative steps, Vanderburgh County Health dept will begin spraying areas with dense mosquito populations around the county. Here's where!


According to Evansville Watch, the spraying will begin this evening, from 8P-12A. The area being sprayed is  Washington Ave., Hwy 41 South, Covert Ave, and South Garvin.

The health department also asks that people limit their time outdoors, and use bug sprays containing DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus. Also be sure your property is free of standing water, as that attracts mosquitoes.

You can get more details on the mosquito fogging, and outdoor tips, but checking out this great article, from Evansville Watch.

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