Just in time for Christmas, the gift for the smartphone junkie in your life, the Retroduck.

We have two of those junkies in our family. Both my son and bonus daughter, never watch a TV. They only watch videos on their phones. I can't remember the last time, either one of them, watched TV with my husband and I. It's weird.

Well, to us it's weird. TV used to be a social tool that brought the family together in one room. Much like the radio did back in the early 1900's. But, that isn't the case anymore. Everyone does their own thing now. It's kinda sad.

But, things are always changing and that is ok. I'm not sure this will bring your family together, but it' fun. It will be like they are watching TV, but they are still watching their own videos. And, they don't have to hold the phone.


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