Trick shot videos can be pretty amazing depending on how elaborate they are, which in some cases might even make you question their authenticity. The first Video is one of the most incredible basketball shots you will ever see featuring a guy falling from a 100-goot platform and dropping the ball through the hoop. The second video might be the greates trick golf shot ever and definitely a one-in-a-million shot. The basketball shot involves a guy attached to a zip line, falling from a 100-foot tower. He releases the ball and makes the shot. By the way, it took over 200 tries to and countless hours to accomplish.

The golf shot shot was actually done by Logan Fondren, an executive with Callaway Golf in the Callaway offices. He putts the ball down a staircase, along the rails and right into a glass set up at the bottom of the stairs and against the wall. It took Fondren only eight attempts to make it.

I'm certain that LeBron James and Tiger Woods would appreciate these shots. See for yourself.



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