Scales Lake will have specific dates and times where you can take your kiddos trick or treating in the park.

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I can remember going camping as a kid at Scales Lake in Boonville. One of the coolest parts about camping there was around Halloween, you could bring your costumes and go trick or treating in the campground. It was a a blast! You'd be surprised how much candy I got there as a kid!

The tradition continues this year, as Scales Lake has announced the official dates and times were you can go trick or treating in the park. Mark your calendars for October 19th and 26th. Between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm, you can come into the park to take your kids trick or treating at all of the different campsites. The cost is $2 per car.


Trick or Treating for October 26th has been canceled due to the weather.

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