The Instagram - Which Disney Are You? filter is all over social media. I tried to find the filter on my Instagram, @lesliemorganvoice,so I could join in the fun and it wasn't there, so I did some research and found it. If you are having trouble too, here is what you need to do

According to Insider, follow these steps to find out which character from a Disney movie is you. (Make sure you have updated your Instagram app)

  1. Find a friend who's used the filter in their Instagram stories.
  2. Click the title of the filter (under their username) in the top left corner, and then select "try it" from the gray bar that pops up at the bottom of your screen.
  3. From there, you can take a selfie to figure out which Disney character you've been matched with.

Here is my character.

[video mp4=""][/video]

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