If you are into camping or just having a good time in the woods, did you know we have awesome cabins for rent in our very own backyard? Dave took a tour of the Hickory Lodge at Burdette Park was was blown away by what it offers!

The Hickory Lodge is one of six cabins that are available to rent year round at Burdette Park. The Hickory sleeps 12 people and features a basement, fireplace, full kitchen, and large outdoor deck. Dave, along with Burdette Park manager Jerry take you on a tour!

To book The Hickory Lodge or any of the cabins or on-aite shelters you can contact the Burdette Park main office at 812-435-5949 or check them out online.

Besides the cabins and on-site day shelters, Burdette Park has an Aquatic Center, Trails, and primitive Tent camping sites.

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